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Privacy Policy.

We never gather guest information we don't need. When we do gather information, it's for our use only. And that's a promise. Read below to find out why we gather guest information, how we collect it, what we do with it, and how you can instruct us if you prefer that we limit its use.

Why do we gather information?

We collect information for one purpose - to serve you better. It helps us process your orders, provide a more tailored shopping experience, and keep you informed of sales and specials.

What information do we gather?

When you order from our Web site, we collect your name, telephone number, e-mail address, and billing information. If you register to receive United e-mail, we gather your name, e-mail address, ZIP code and other information set forth on the registration page.

How do we use your information?

We gather the information so we can keep you informed and better process your orders. We do not sell, rent or loan your individual information.

How do you request text messages from us?

We will not communicate with you via text message without your express consent.  Opt-in and opt-out information and instructions can be found in our Text Messaging Terms and Conditions.

What happens when you link to a third party?

When you click on links that take you to third-party Web site - for example, to buy contact lenses online - you will be subject to the third party's privacy policies, not ours. We encourage you to read their posted privacy policy before providing them with any personal information.

How do you update your information?

If you want to update or correct information previously provided to us, please e-mail your new information to info@unitedtexas.com.

How can you unsubscribe?

United guests may unsubscribe from our e-mail updates at any time by sending an unsubscribe request to unsubscribe@unitedtexas.com.

Pharmacy Privacy Policy

Click here to learn more about our Pharmacy Privacy Policy.