General donation guidelines.

Below are guidelines we follow when reviewing a donation request:

  • Preference is given to children’s, educational, religious, fine arts, and social service organizations.
  • Donations may take the form of cash, gift cards, merchandise, sponsorships, program ads, or volunteers.
  • Donations will only be considered for non-profit, 501(c)(3) organizations. As a general rule, United will not consider donation requests from a third party raising funds for an organization that we directly support.
  • Requests for individuals or families will not be considered and should be submitted to appropriate social service organizations in your community.
  • Generally speaking, organizations are limited to one donation in a single year.
  • Do not submit a Donation Request Form online and at the stores for the same event. Only one request will be recognized.
  • All donation requests should be submitted a minimum of three weeks in advance of the date needed. Please note that responses may take several weeks to process.

Charity event at a Store.

Interested in promoting your organization at one of our stores?

If your organization is interested in setting up a booth or table at any United Supermarkets, Market Street or Amigo’s location please read the IN STORE FUNDRAISER GUIDELINES to ensure your organization’s eligibility. Please note - requests must be made at least 90 days prior to scheduled event.
Click here to submit your location request.

How to request a donation.

Gift Card or Merchandise Request

To request a merchandise donation, complete a Gift Card/Merchandise Request for approval. Merchandise donations usually range from $10 to $30 in gift cards or product. However, higher amounts may be approved on occasion at the discretion of each store’s General Manager. If a request requires special arrangements or exceeds the amount a single store may approve, the request will be forwarded to the appropriate regional office or Store Support Center for processing. If approved, the person making the request will be notified and given details on where to pick up the gift cards/merchandise.


All requests for cash donations/sponsorships of more than $30 require a Donation Request Form and supporting documentation. Completed forms will be sent to the appropriate regional office.

Goodwill Advertising/Field Signs

If the request is primarily for the purchase of advertising space in a program, athletic field sign or other printed material, or for sponsorship for a youth league/high school sports team, please fill out our Donation Request Form.