Guest Satisfaction Survey Winners.

Congratulations our latest winners of $500 cash in United Supermarkets’ monthly Guest Satisfaction Survey drawing. Winners are drawn each month from the list of Guests who are selected at random to complete the online survey.

February 2013 - March 2013

Dennis Meurer, Slaton; Jana Scott, Abilene; Rachel Able, McKinney; and Lanell Huckabay, Canyon.

Barbosa  Rhodes  Sims  Ramos  

Sue Schrieber, Allen; William Saed, Lubbock; Lyle Bonner, Burkburnett; and Barbara McLean, Abilene.

Barbosa  Rhodes  Sims  Ramos  

November 2012 - January 2013

Melody Barbosa of Plano; Tanya Rhodes of Abilene; Brenda Sims of McKinney; Mary Ramos of Littlefield.

Barbosa  Rhodes  Sims  Ramos  

September - October 2012

Pete Martinez of Abilene; Steven Haggard of Amarillo; Mia Vann of Abilene; Vicki Holt of Quanah; Kara Lane of McKinney; Tim Ritter of Littlefield.

Belcher   Vann   Holt   Lane   Martinez   Ritter  

July - August 2012

From left to right: Laurie Belcher of Amarillo; Olga Rubio of Slaton; Jon Bos of Abilene; Zach Youngblood of Frisco.

Belcher   Rubio   Bos   Youngblood   

April - June 2012

From left to right: Beth Livingston of Colleyville, Ronald DeLauney of Abilene, Debbie Smith of Burkburnett,  Doyle Vogler of Lubbock and Rhonda Rogers of Brownfield.

Livingston    DeLauney   Smith    Vogler    Rogers

From left to right: Leonard Mosley of Littlefield, Brian Stuart of Abilene, Rodney Klett of McKinney and Vicki Cox of Quanah.

Mosley   Rogers   Klett   Cox   

January - March 2012

From left to right: Stephanie Timmons of Childress, Danielle Riley of Amarillo, Jackie Neal of Lubbock and Susan Franc of Allen.

Timmons    Riley   Neal    Franc

From left to right: Lynda Watters of Colleyville, Risa Romoser of Wichita Falls, Dona Smith of Dalhart and Jared Poole of Abilene.

Watters    Romoser    Smith    Poole